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How to Install Windows XP – 3 Steps

Windows XP is the highly successful and popular operating systems from Microsoft. If you own an old PC that you want to use again or you wish to Install Windows XP on your new computer than read this blog post for complete information. If you need expert professional help for installing Windows XP then contact Windows XP Support Phone Number.

How to Install Windows XP

Below are the step by step instructions provided by the Windows XP Technical Support team to successfully install the Windows XP OS? 

Part 1: Configuration

You also require the Windows Product Key to install Windows XP successfully.

  • Set your PC to boot from CD/DVD.
  • To access the BIOS menu in your PC, you need to press DEL or F9.
  • In boot menu, set the CD/DVD-ROM drive as the first boot device.
  • If you want to install MS Windows XP from a USB pen drive, then set the USB drive as the first boot device.

 Part 2: Installation

  • Launch the installer and insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive after setting your boot order.
  • Push “Enter” button to start the installation. Once the MS Windows XP loads finishes, you can view the “Welcome screen”.
  • Now you can view a screen with several options, but if you want to install or reinstall MS Windows XP, then you’ll need to input “Enter” key to start the installation.
  • Then choose the partition you wish to install MS Windows XP.
  • Choose “Format the Partition using the NTFS File System” and push Enter key.
  • Also choose your region and language settings.

Part 3: Finishing the Installation

  • Install a good antivirus program before connected to the internet.
  • Install all the necessary device drivers such as display, network, and sound card etc.
  • Now connect to the internet and select “Activate now” to successfully activate your edition of MS Windows XP.

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Windows 7 Registry Errors

Fixing up of Windows 7 Registry Errors

Windows 7 Registry Errors The Windows 7 registry contains a complete “blueprint” of the Windows installation process. If the registry gets instantly corrupted, no matter whether if it’s via a bad driver or a failed un-installation, or a variety of other critical issues, a user’s can easily fix those issues by following a system restore process to a time at the time when the computer was working accurately. One can also go ahead with the registry cleaning programs like CCleaner to easily perform the scan and then fix those errors.

Fixing up of Windows 7 Registry Errors

A process to perform a System Restore under WINDOWS TECHNICAL SUPPORT NUMBER professional expert guidance team:

Access the System Restore window panel:

If a user is experiencing a recent change while working on the system which is due to Windows 7 Registry Errors, then it is recommended to revert the computer’s settings back by using a Restore Point feature. Well there are a couple of diverse ways to access the System Restore window section:

  1. Click on the start menu and then type the restore.
  2. Next, simply select the “System Restore” from the given list of results shown.
  3. A user is required to press Win+Pause button and then click on the “Advanced system settings” link.
  4. At last, just tap on the System Protection tab and then click the System Restore button.

Select a restore point:

If a computer has System Restore already enabled, then it is likely possible that Windows will select the latest restore point. Restore points are simply created at the time of major system changes are made. But, if there is no restore points, then try the below mentioned method.

  1. Click on the “Show more restore points” section to simply view all the previous restore points and also analyzed if the error has been there for a while.
  2. Each restore point show a timestamp as well as a brief reason of why the restore point was created?

Click the .Scan for affected programs:

This particular section will signify about all of the programs and drivers that will be deleted from the computer later on, and will likely not be in proper working mode after restoring.

  1. A system restore process will not harm any personal files.
  2. Click on the .Next and then click on the “Finish” option to start the restore process again.
  3. At last, the computer will automatically reboot once the system restore is complete.

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what new in windows 10

What New Improvements Have Been Done in Windows 10 KB3213986 OS Build 14393.693 version?

What New Improvements Have Been Done in Windows 10, Microsoft lately releases KB3213986 which is a cumulative update for Windows 10 Operating System and further includes improvements related to Groove Music, fingerprint authentication issues, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows Update and many more. What all new improvements have been done in Windows 10 KB3213986

This blog will normally include latest quality improvements done in the Windows 10 KB3213986 OS Build 14393.693 version.  So, now let’s have an eye on recent updates:

  • According to the Windows Technical Support professionals, improved reliability of Groove Music playback in the background which includes App-V, video playback and Remote Desktop features have been added.
  • Addressed issues where just one input device works correctly at the time of connecting two similar input devices to the same machine.
  • Addressed issues encountered in the App-V Connection Group which allows users to get access to pieces of functionality which they were not designated to access.
  • Addressed issues that prevent users from selecting multiple certificates at once via UI mode.
  • Addressed issues where you will see that the Request Control function won’t work with Remote Assistance provided if the user is being supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012.
  • Addressed issues for preventing a smart card module from pairing with a contactless smart card reader.
  • Problems related to license conversion of the Server Core from evaluation version to the retail version.
  • Problems that prevent users from accessing the Internet shortcut URL documents with the Internet Explorer when Enhanced Protected Mode is in use.
  • Preventing users from directly logging on provided if a device has been kept away from the corporate network over a time period.
  • Issues related to Microsoft Edge, clustering, Internet Explorer, Windows Update, input devices, facial recognition, Logon, Hyper-V, PCI bus drivers and Windows Kernel are addressed.

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