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Fix Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Problems With Some Exclusive Methods

“Faulty hardware corrupted page” is one such nightmare that can happen with the Windows 10 users. This issue basically occurs when the users are going to turn their devices on. Thus, if you face the same issue, you are not alone.

Due to faulty hardware, this problem occurs the most. Thus, it is recommended that if you just installed the hardware, remove it from your device and check if you face the issue or not.

Apart from that, faulty drivers, virus or malware attack, outdated drivers are equally responsible for getting the same problem with your device.

If you are searching for the perfect tricks to wipe the issue out, then this article will be readily beneficial for you. So, go through the entire article and follow the methods carefully.

Easy Methods to Solve Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Issue

As we have come to know that there are various reasons that are responsible for getting this issue, here you can find some troubleshooting methods that are really helpful for you. So, follow each and every method carefully and don’t make any mistake as well.

Solution 1: Disable Fast Startup

Fast startup is one of the main culprits that can cause the “faulty hardware corrupted page” issue. If you disable this option, it is often seen to solve the problem. Follow the steps to do so:

First of all, you have to turn on your computer and move to the Start option.

Now, restart your system in Safe Mode.

After that, you have to navigate the system tray and tap on the option “Control Panel” in the search box.

For once more time you have to choose “Control Panel” in the pop-up notification.

Choose the Power option by tapping on it and then, select “Choose what the power button does”.

After that, choose the option “Change settings that are currently unavailable” by hitting on it.

Finally, uncheck the option “Turn on Fast Startup” located under the “Shutdown Settings” tab.

Choose the “Save Changes” option and apply the changes as well.

Solution 2: Execute a RAM Check and SFC

If the hardware memory and system files get corrupted then there is a big possibility of getting the same issue on your device. On such occasions, you have to perform an SFC scan and also check the RAM to get rid of the issue.

The very first thing you have to do is to tap on the Windows logo key and “R” at the same time from your keyboard. Now, navigate to the search box and type “mdsched.exe” in it. 

After that, tap on Restart now and check for problems if your device detects so. Your device will restart automatically.

Keep waiting for a couple of minutes until the scanning process is going on. It can take almost fifteen to twenty minutes to complete the entire process.

Now, you `have to tap on the Windows and X key at the same time on your keyboard. Choose Command Prompt and type sfc /scannow in the box. At the final step hit on the Enter button for once more. Now, check if the same issue is still occurring or has already been fixed.

Solution 3: Turn the Secondary Output Feature Off

If you have the “stop code faulty hardware corrupted page” issue with your device, then it is possible that there can be some defects in the Secondary Output feature. If you have mistakenly turned on the feature or by default if the feature is enabled, then it will lead the same issue and makes you puzzled as well. On such occasions, you have to switch off the feature and get escape from this issue. Take a look at the steps below:

First of all, switch on your device and tap the Windows and the “X” key at the same time from your keyboard.

Select the Device Manager and navigate the Display Adapter section from the list of search results.

Now, you have to extend the section and tap on View from the top of the lists.

Next, choose the Show Hidden Devices option by clicking on it. You can find this option at the very bottom of the list and click on that.

At the last step, tap on the Secondary Output option from the left pane of the display.

Finally, right-click on that and choose the Disable icon from the list of the search results.

Verify if you are still getting the same or not.

Solution 4: Start the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

When all the above methods failed to solve the issue follow this one.

First, you need to press the Windows key and press “R” simultaneously on your keyboard to open the Command Prompt. 

Now, type “mdsched” in the box and press the Enter key.

After that, tap on Restart now and review for problems as well.

By this process, the Windows will start testing automatically. As well as you will be able to see the errors on the screen. When the entire process gets completed restart your device and checks if the issue still annoying you or not. Also, by this method, you can decide if you need to change the RAM or not

All the methods we mentioned in this guide are time-saving and proven. So, we expect that you can completely get rid of the “Faulty hardware corrupted page” issue by executing the methods. But by chance, if the above method doesn’t aid you to fix the problem then it is better for you to get in touch with an expert for further assistance.