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Fix Google Earth not working on Windows 10

How to Fix Google Earth not working on Windows 10, 8.1 or 7?

Users from across the world have often complained to facing problem using the Google Earth, as Google Earth not working or freezes on Windows 10?. It’s crucial to quick Fix Google Earth not working in Windows 10, 8.1 or 7?. Therefore, as Google Earth is a computer free program that provide a 3D representation of Earth based on satellite imagery. Google Earth Pro, is basically the desktop version of the application, and it’s really gearing up to be the most vital of web applications, considering its usage in creating important maps, computing distances, and areas, visualizing and manipulating GIS data in desktop devices. However, if you are one of those users who is facing issues while running it, and from freezing to not loading, the app often faces issues in Windows 10/8/7, then don’t worry about it. Then, here the best tricks are available to fix the issue. Also, in this situation, you can contact at Windows Support Number, which is available 24×7 to your online help.

Google Earth not working on Windows 10

Solutions to Fix Google Earth not working on Windows 10, 8.1 or 7:-

Solution 1:- Clear the Cache

If Google Earth crashes, you just clear the cache.

Run their Troubleshooter and see the issue fix or not. Clearing your cache is probably the next best bet if your Google Earth Pro stops working.

Follow these steps to do this task:-

  • Open Google Earth Pro.
  • Go to the drop-down menu the top.
  • Then click “Help” option and then Launch “Repair Tool”.
  • It would help if you close “Google Earth Pro”, but leave the Repair tool open, once repairing commences. And then click “Clear disk cache”.

Solution 2:- Re-installing Google Earth

Re-installing is always an option when Google Earth Pro is not working on Windows 10. Install the application again and see if it works. Re-installing usually fixes corrupted files, in most cases, so try that first.

If reinstalling doesn’t work either, try installing the older version of Google Earth.

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Solution 3:- Use older Nvidia Drivers

Often, even the latest drivers are not completely compatible with the certain software. If Google Earth is not working in Windows 10, then you might want to try switching back to the older version of Nvidia drivers.

Follow these steps to do this task:-

  • Press “Window” Key+ “X” key together to open “Window +X” menu and then select “Device Manager” from the list that appears.
  • When “Device Manager” opens, then locate your graphics card, right-click, and Uninstall device.
  • Once the confirmation dialog box appears, then choose to “Delete the driver software for this device” and then click on “Uninstall” option.
  • After the driver is uninstalled, you need to download the older version of the Nvidia driver.
  • After you install the older version of the driver, your problem should be fixed.

In case, you have any doubt or questions about that the above steps or you are unable to follow the above steps, then you should call at Windows technical support number to connect with our proficient team of technicians for immediate help.

Windows Customer Support Number:-

Windows Customer

Dial +1-855-971-1879  Windows 10 Customer Care Support Phone Number, which is obtainable 24×7/365 days to your assistance, to quickly reach with our Windows customer support team. The dedicated and experienced technicians will give you the best instruction & guidance to fix the Windows technical errors and issues. It assures you will grab the best possible solutions to Windows technical mishaps within a few minutes. Hence, call now to experts and receive the finest support for Windows queries.