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How to Fix Windows 7 Error 8007000e?

Have you received error 8007000e while updating your OS? If it is so, then you don’t need to ponder a lot. Why I am saying because you can Fix Windows 7 Error 8007000e in the well-organized manner.

Do you know there is another smart way to fix such error? Yes, you can fix such kinds of errors via Windows 7 Support. To do so, you need to choose modes—distant, online, or telephone. You can use devices—phone, remote software, or well-configured PC for connection. At the last, use your device to make a connection with experts. Finally, experts will try to welcome your queries on the spot. If you want to fix the same error then follow the steps as given below.

windows 7 error code 8007000e

Steps to Resolve Windows 7 Error 8007000e:

Step 1: Use “Internet Explorer”

You need to open your “Internet Explorer” on your system. If it is not present on your system then you need to download & then install the new version of IE.

Step 2: Restart your PC

You need to restart your computer system.

Step 3: Download KB3102810 updates from Microsoft’s official website

You need to download KB3102810 updates from Microsoft’s official website. You need to restart your computer system. Once you have restarted your PC, and then install the new downloaded updates.

Step 4: Rebuild the SoftwareDistribution folder

You need to rebuild the SoftwareDistribution folder over your system. By which windows updates can install.

Step 5: Localize your folder

You need to create a folder through path C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Step 6: Go to the “Run” dialogue box

You need to go to the “Run” dialogue box by pressing “Windows logo+R” key.

Step 7: Enter “services.msc”

You need to type “services.msc” command in the open box. Finally, press “OK” button.

Step 8: Choose Windows Updates

You need to choose “Windows updates” option on your system. Right-click the option & then choose “stop” option of the menu.

Step 9: Rename SoftwareDistribution folder

You need to rename SoftwareDistribution folder on your operating machine.

Step 10: Restart “Windows Update” service

You need to restart Windows update service on your system.

Yet, getting error 8007000e?

Contact Profound Windows 7 Support Professionals


Yes, if any error still occurs then you need to contact profound windows experts. Making a connection with experts does not cost a lot. All you need to do is to get your phone in your hand to dial +1-855-971-1879 Windows 7 Support Number. Placing a call at toll-free number will connect to expert who knows to tackle such errors.      

How to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error

How to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error?

The Windows 7 invalid product key activation error while activating the product key of windows 7. So, advised you to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error either by approaching out at the windows customer service or by getting aware of how to DIY as given below.

As we know that product activation was initially pioneered into windows family with the release of Windows XP version of 2011. Windows key activation pairs the product key with the computer system. The error might be popped as 0xC004C001, 0xC004F061 error code by the windows 7 users.

Understand the windows 7 product key activation:

  • A windows 7 product key cannot activate the windows 10 as windows 10 makes use of its own unique product key.
  • Windows 7 builds are pre-keyed & pre-
  • At the very start, if you perform a clean install then you have to kick-start from an activated Windows 7 installation.
  • If you are ever prompted to enter a Windows 7’s product key, and then come up to click on “Do this later” and give it in the given days, Windows 7 will activate automatically.

resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error

Follow solutions to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error:

Solution 1: upgrade the latest version of windows 7

Upgrade the computer system from an activated copy of Windows 7 then I decided to reinstall either the ISO file/reset this computer system/ recovery drive, but I am asked to enter a product key. The given product key is for the upgraded version of Windows 7 and a formal version of Windows wasn’t on your PC when Windows 7 is about to be installed on your PC.

In order to install an upgrade version of Windows 7, the Windows Vista/Windows XP needs to be installed on your PC. If you have formatted the drive before beginning the installation process, you won’t be able to make use of the upgrade product key to activate Windows 7. To activate the Windows 7, you have to install the formal version of Windows, and then come up to reinstall the Windows 7. To get the instant aid in the activation process, users need to go to the “Microsoft Support website”.  (Important Note: you can position the new updated/upgraded options, features, apps, services,buttons—& also pre-existing windows services by obtaining the best fitted Windows customerservice on the spot)

Solution 2: It might be possibility that you mistype the product key of your windows 7

Yes, sometimes Windows users might face issues such as mistyping error and need to resolve on the spot by keeping in mind the below-mentioned commandments:

  • Spacing must not be given right after typing the Windows 7 product key.
  • There should not be single space between any of the product key fillers.

Solution 3: Mismatch of the latest product key with the previously given windows version

It is that possibility that product key being entered by the Windows users doesn’t match the version of Windows 7 that is already installed on your PC. Now, come up to check the product key to ensure the version that you are endeavoring to activate. (Moreover, you can get connected with Windows customer care service connoisseurs to get the manual aid right from the Windows professionals)

Solution 4: Remove the “Windows Not Genuine Watermark” without using any Patches and Cracks

Now, come up to remove the “windows not genuine watermark” without making use of any patches or cracks pop up at any time.

Solution 5: Make the Windows 7 Genuine without using the cracks

Yes, windows 7 users need to use the Windows 7 genuine without making use of the cracks and patches.

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Dial the Windows Customer Support Number round the clock!


Whenever you come across with windows related issues then you have to get some crack experts on the line by placing a few ring tones at the +1-855-971-1879 Windows Customer Support number. After making a few ring tones at this number, then Windows experts will let end users with the most fitted Windows fix ever. Thus, Windows customer service is in such a new technology age just a one-step away.





How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error?

Windows 7 not genuine error usually pops up due to not running the genuine copy of Windows or your license got expired. Hence, advised you to Fix Windows 7 not genuine error either by approaching out at the Windows customer support number or by getting aware of how to DIY as mentioned below.

Of all the operating system related issues, Windows 7 not genuine is particularly annoying. It mainly occurs if your copy of Windows is not authentic or the license is expired. Also, it can be due to a recent unsuccessful Windows update. Unfortunately, the problem is quite frequent, and users are often unable to resolve it. To troubleshoot it properly, you need to know the core of the issue. Therefore, read this content to know some brilliant hacks to resolve it along with a few handy tips that will help you avoid the problem any further.

Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

What Exactly Is Windows 7 Not Genuine?

If you are not using the standard version of Windows 7 provided by Microsoft, the error is almost inevitable. Apart from that, there are other probable causes like RAM incompatibility and configuration errors.

This Windows 7 error can be diagnosed by some standard symptoms. Take a look at the given list to know some of them:

  • Slow response time.
  • Inputting to BIOS devices is unreadable.
  • Unable to install the latest Windows 7 updates.
  • Apart from that, there is a massive drop in performance.
  • The desktop background wallpaper automatically turns black.

Once you understand the problem and figure out the issues, go forward and resolve it at the earliest.

How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine?

There is more than one way to deal with the error code efficiently. We have provided with the quickest and easiest steps that will help you resolve it instantly.

Methods 1: Fix windows 7 not genuine activator

Solution 1: By Using the Command Prompt
  • First, click on the Start menu and get to the Run dialogue box.
  • Enter cmd.exe and run the command.
  • After that, access the command prompt window and type the necessary command.
  • Then, click on enter and execute the command.
  • Finally, restart your computer and check if the Windows 7 not genuine error still exists.

The steps mentioned above should ideally resolve the problem. In case the issue is still remaining the same, try the next pathway.

Solution 2: By Using Control Panel
  • To begin with, click on the Start menu and type Control Panel in the search box.
  • In the next screen that appears, click on “Windows Update”.
  • Restart the computer and see if Windows 7 is working correctly.

Still unable to resolve the error? Don’t worry as there is another brilliant solution at your disposal.

Solution 3: By Using rsop.msc

For optimizing the performance and eliminating Windows 7 not genuine, you need to determine the source of the policy. Type rsop.msc in the Run dialogue box and run the command. After that, restart the computer and check for the existence of the error.

Tips To Avoid Further Technical Glitches With Windows 7

Like any other operating system, Windows 7 also suffers from technical meltdowns. The steps mentioned in this article will help you resolve the “not genuine” issue rapidly. However, the problem can frequently reappear if you do not manage your system efficiently.

  • Do not let unnecessary programs run for too long.
  • The computer RAM must be compatible with Windows 7.
  • Look out for all pre-installation and post-installation errors.
  • First of all, make sure that you enable all the latest security updates.
  • Also, do not keep your computer open for the indefinite length of time.
  • Apart from that, install all the latest updates of the Windows 7 version.
  • Also, all the settings section of your Windows device should be correct.
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Follow 2nd Methods To Fix Windows 7 not genuine error:

Resolution 1:  with the help of Command prompt of administrator mode

Steps to go:

  • Go to the “start” taskbar menu and then give a click on it.
  • The “Run” dialogue box will open
  • Now, look for “cmd” by entering the “cmd.exe” in the open field of “Run” dialogue box.
  • Give a right-click on the “cmd.exe”
  • Give a click on Run as “Administrator password” if you prompted.
  • Once you get the opened “command prompt” window, then enter the command “SLMGR –REARM” ( Key Note: ensure that the command prompt is working in the administrator mode otherwise it will not work out)
  • After placing a hit, then one confirmation window will appear with the details of command execution. (Key Note: you can locate the recently updated/upgraded options, features, button—& also existing windows services by acquiring the most suited Windows customer service on the spot)
  • Furthermore, restart your computer
  • Assuredly, your personal computer will not get an aforementioned error such as —Windows 7 build 7600/7601 This copy of windows is not genuine

Resolution 2: By making use of the Control Panel

Steps to go:

  • Go to the “start” taskbar menu located at the left-lower part of the computer system.
  • Get to the “search box” by giving a click on it
  • Type the “Control Panel” in the open field and go to the “control panel” window
  • Give a click on “windows update” at the below portion of the control panel.
  • Furthermore, give a hit on “View Installed Updates” will open a list of installed windows updates. (Moreover, you can get in touch with Windows customer care service connoisseurs to get the manual assistance right from the Windows professionals )
  • Find an update “KB971033” and then come up to uninstall it by giving double-click on the aforesaid update.
  • Restart your computer

Windows Customer Support Number is accessible 24 hours around the clock ++1-855-971-1879


24×7 Windows Customer Care | Get In Touch With Our Experts

The solutions provided in this content are proven and have helped several customers across the world. However, critical hardware or software issues can be hard to troubleshoot without the right technical assistance. In case you are confused about this, contact our professionals. They have an in-depth knowledge and adequate experience in resolving this Windows 7 error. Therefore, reach us in your hour of need.

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How to Repair Windows 7 without CD?

Is your Windows 7 not starting correctly Safe Mode, so maybe there are missing or damaged files on hard disk? You should repair/restore your system. In case, you don’t have the installation CD, then also, you can Repair Windows 7 without CD. Get online help via experts dial at Windows customer support number. So, many numbers of users have a complaint about getting some kinds of error messages while using the Windows 7 OS on their system. Therefore, this blog will guide you simple steps to Repair or Restore Windows 7 without CD, so you just need to follow the steps to fix the issue.

repair windows 7 without CD

Follow Steps to Repair Windows 7 without CD:-

You can do this very easily by using Windows 7 System Restore via Safe Mode. If you need any help then connect with Windows Customer Service team to get support.

To access Safe Mode, follow these steps:-

  • First of all, turn on the computer
  • Then press and hold the “F8” key right after booting
  • In the “Windows Advanced Options screen”, choose “Safe mode with a Command prompt”.
  • Once the option is highlighted, then press “Enter” key.
  • Then login as “Administrator” or as any user with administrative rights to your PC.
  • When “Command Prompt” appears, then type this command:


  • Then hit “Enter” key.
  • Follow the instructions to continue with “System Restore”.

In this way, you can easily Restore Windows 7 without CD.

Furthermore, you can get comprehensive support with Windows Customer Care Service team to get rid the problem.

Get Instant Help 24×7 Hours at Dialing Windows Customer Support Number:-


You can anytime call at Windows Customer Support Number dial 1800-220-1041 which is a toll-free number and available 24×7/365 days. By dialing this number, you can connect with our team of well-qualified and experienced Windows customer support, where professional will give you instant help and solutions to fix the Windows related technical problems. It assures you will receive the best possible and swift solutions for your any sort of Windows technical issues or errors in a short time. Hence, connect with our experts now to get immediate help for further Windows queries.

Fix Windows 7 Video Card Upgrade Issue

How To Fix Windows 7 Video Card Upgrade Issue?

The video card problem is Windows 7 executes due to not able to perform its best performance which occurs due to the incompatibility issues arising from the defect in the hardware-software combination. Another cause is due to speed and graphics performance issues as well as obsolete versions of universal drivers. Look at below steps to fix Windows 7 video card upgrade issue with detailed explanation.


Steps to troubleshoot Windows 7 video card upgrade issue

Step 1: Existing Video Card

it is true that most of the Windows 7 issue occurs due to malfunctioning of Video card upgrade, here one needs to remove all existing cards and replace it with the latest ones. Well, upgrading can be done in simple steps by determining the type of slot and installing an upgraded version which is appropriate to be used in this slot.

Step 2: Solve the compatibility issue

Windows 7 video card upgrade issue occurs if the upgraded card is not compatible with the operating system in one’s computer. One needs to check a compatibility issue of Windows video card to enable an actual upgrading process.

Step 3: Working with multiple video cards

it is always recommended to users to work with multiple video cards and in this regard it is always good for such an individual to opt for a Windows 7 video card upgrade system which will allow the usage of multiple video cards.

windows customer care

Get connected with our technicians at Windows 7 Support Number now

Call us anytime and resolve all types of issues related to Windows with the most absolute solution available at our end. We are 24*7 hours tech support provider available at Windows 7 Customer Support Number  +1-855-971-1879 who are a step ahead in helping you out with all kinds of solutions.


How to install windows 7 with DVD?

So are you in a process to install Windows 7 with DVD? But you are that you don’t need a professional help or even you don’t want to refer to a confusing manual instructions. Well, this is absolutely not as such big issue as our professional  Windows 7 Technical Support Number  experts has written a method to install Windows 7 with the help of DVD without involving into much of a trouble.  Continue reading


How to Record Your Screen in Windows 7 – Steps

Record Your Screen in Windows 7 is considered as quite useful job whether a user is getting a proper technical support or is just showing off something cool to their friends as well as family. This method is highly useful as confirmed by a team of Windows 7 technical support professionals. Continue reading


How To Install Windows 7 from USB or DVD?

So are you in a process to install Windows 7? But you are that you don’t need a professional help or even you don’t want to refer to a confusing manual instructions. Well, this is absolutely not as such big issue as our professional  Windows 7 technical support number  experts has written a method to install Windows with the help of DVD without involving into much of a trouble.

Below are essential steps guided by a professional team of Windows 7 technical support phone number experts to install Windows 7 with the help of DVD.


Part 1 is all about installing Windows with the help of a DVD

Clean the Installation part:

  • Enter the computer’s BIOS feature.
  • Find the BIOS’s boot option menu.
  • Select the DVD-ROM drive for the purpose of booting the computer device.
  • Save all the setting changes
  • Shut down the computer.
  • Power on the PC and then insert the Windows 7 disc into the  DVD drive.
  • Start the operating system from the disc
  • Choose the Windows Setup options accordingly.
  • Click on the Install Now
  • Accept the License terms as well as agreement.
  • Choose between the type of hard drive and partition for installing the Windows.
  • Installation of the Windows on the preferred hard drive as well as partition is highly recommended.
  • Start the computer now
  • Check whether the system is compatible with Windows 7 or not?
  • Prepare the PC for installing the Windows.
  • Insert the Windows 7 installation disc
  • Start the Windows Setup process
  • Click on the Install Now option.
  • Choose whether to install updates for Windows Setup or not.
  • Accept the License terms as well as agreement
  • Select the Upgrade installation option to proceed ahead.

Part 2 describes the Post-Installation method

  • Type the username and computer’s name.
  • Click on the NEXT option
  • Type the password and then again click Next icon.
  • Enter the product key and click on the Next option.
  • Choose the type of Windows Update settings.
  • Set the time zone.
  • Set the network type accordingly.
  • Your computer is now all set to operate
  • Once the computer is ready, format the USB drive back to its original settings
  • Remember to reinstall any software which you have uninstalled during this process

Why to use our Windows customer support services?

Install Windows 7 from USB or DVD

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