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How to create keyboard shortcut to spot the specific website in Windows?

Have you ever wanted to get the keyboard shortcut over the traditional way to visit particular website? If so, then you are on the right spot as you can create keyboard shortcut to spot specific website in Windows. Further, you can also fix it promptly by dialing the Windows customer support number.

Try to make use of keyboard shortcut as how handy it will be if you can get the underline website just in a few same shortcut keys.

Solutions to create keyboards shortcut to spot specific website in Windows:

create keyboard shortcut to spot the specific website in Windows

Solution 1: Using windows desktop

  • Give a right-click on windows desktop
  • Now, choose “New” and then come up to choose “Shortcut”
  • Now, you will have a shortcut window in front of you.
  • Now, enter the specific website in the given shortcut location box.
  • Give a hit on the “Next”.
  • Now, type the name of the shortcut “Google search engine” ( What kind of Internet search engine you are using will be enlisted here in this option)
  • Now, give a hit on the “finish”
  • After completing the above-mentioned steps, now you are able to see the shortcut on your desktop named as “Google Search Engine”.
  • Give a right-click on the
  • Now, get to the “properties”
  • Now, create the shortcut key combination by pressing the Shift+Alt+G using your keyboard.
  • Now, test your created shortcut keys by pressing the Shift+Alt+G it should be launched with the URL address—
  • Type this address on the URL search box and the specific page will be open on the spot.

Solution 2: Third-party Windows customer care service providers     

If you are having any problem while implementing the above-mentioned steps then you are advised to approach the third-party Windows customer care service provider by going through the offered channels of customer care services—instructional, internet, and remote mode of services. After making a connection any of the above-mentioned modes of services then feel free to avail an extensive range of windows related customer care services in the least possible time frame.

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How to Fix Windows “USB Device Not Recognized” Error?

The error is a result of issues such as update problems with the PC, conflict issues with the USB external hard drive and Windows, missing various essential hardware as well as software updates, corrupted issues with the USB controllers, issues related to external drive which may be in a state of entering selective suspend operation and the last possible cause is the PC motherboard needs updated drivers. So, these are few reasons why the issue may occur. We have provided few top solutions to fix Windows error code “USB Device Not Recognized” problem below.

 How to Fix Windows Error Code “USB Device Not Recognized”

Solutions to troubleshoot Windows error code “USB Device Not Recognized”

Solution 1: Removal of the power supply

  • Take out the Power Supply plug directly from the PC. Now, users are suggested to restart the PC device.
  • The next thing is simply to connect the USB device directly to the USB ports. After you have well connected to the USB device to the PC, plug in the “Power Supply” wire to the PC.

Solution 2: Uninstall all unknown USB devices

  • If you have failed to perform the above solution then, try this out
  • Open the “RUN” icon where you will get to see the ‘Windows Logo + R” icon and type there a text known as “devmgmt.msc”.
  • Click the “OK” icon now. You need to expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers now and carefully attach the device which is not recognized.
  • nce done, you will get to see the “Unknown USB device” with a big yellow sign in USB controllers. Simply right-click on it and click the “Uninstall’ to remove them completely.
  • Restart the PC so that you can get your drivers reinstalled automatically after the reboot process is done.


USB Device Not Recognized is an issue which related directly to the PC motherboard and the power supply which is also connected to the USB device. So, this is the reason why this issue happens quite often. If above solutions are not working, then please proceed to below contact details.

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Troubleshoot Windows Error Code 0XC000014C

How to Fix Windows Error Code 0XC000014C?

The Windows Error Code 0XC000014C is usually caused due to several factors that include corrupted boot configuration data issues which happens due to power outages as well as incorrect shutdown process.

Fix Windows Error Code 0XC000014C

Other reasons such as corrupt system files due to virus/malware infection, incomplete installation done for few files or even may be due to deletion of some software as well as application. Here we have top solutions to fix Windows Error Code 0XC000014C with detailed explanation of each of them.

Solutions to Troubleshoot Windows Error Code 0XC000014C

Solution 1: Removal of the Windows hardware

  • This is a type of solution which only works in case there is a damaged or new hardware conflict is going on in the system. To fix the error users are recommended to simply perform two things and they are as follows
  • The very first step is to remove all attached hardware except the mouse and the keyboard device.
    Now the second thing is simply to restart the computer to check whether the error is fixed or not

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Solution 2:  Perform a boot process of the last known good configuration feature

  • The very first step is to perform a regular installation as well as un-installation of all the applications so that they do interfere with existing system configurations.
  • Now, the next thing is to booting the last known good configuration before this error is occurring to help overcome the error 0xc000014c and many other Windows technical issues.
  • Restart the computer device now.
  • Press the “F8“, “F12” keyboard button or even get the appropriate key depending on the computer’s configuration feature or the installed OS.
  • At last, users are requested to select the “last Known good configuration” choice on the resultant startup options screen.

I hope you will be able to solve the issue. But if any problem arises then, do call us at below details

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Troubleshoot DNS Server Not Responding Error In Windows 10, 8, 7

How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error In Windows 10, 8, 7?

DNS usually manages all the IP addresses of the computer and it is impossible for a people to remember each and every website’s IP address and so the DNS was established to handle this task effectively. So, it is also true to think that if your DNS Server Not Responding Error then, we won’t be able to connect to any of our website. But the question here comes is why? It is simply because the DNS server works similar to a phonebook directory, website names as well as their IP addresses. And if the phonebook directory is not accessible then guess how you will connect with websites without its IP addresses. So, DNS server here plays an important role for all the websites.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error In Windows 10, 8, 7

Steps to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error In Windows 10, 8, 7

Correcting the TCP/IP Settings

  • This first and highly effective method to solve this DNS server isn’t not responding issue which can be done simply by checking as well as correcting the TCP/IP Settings. To do this, follow all the below given instructions:
  • Navigate to the “Start’ menu and then, type the “Network” text in the search box which will appear in the screen. Open the “Network and Sharing Center’ from the results icon now.
  • You will see that on the left Sidebar, an option known as “Change adapter settings” will appear automatically. Click on it and simply proceed further.
  • Now the next which you will see is that a different active as well as inactive connections. Simply right click on the “Ethernetor Local Area Connection” which should be done according to the Windows’ version you are working with.
  • Tap on the “Properties” icon now.
  • Now you will come across a dialog box appearing on the screen. Just click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then tap on the “properties” icon.
  • Come to the dialog box next and tick on the “Obtain an IP address automatically”as well as on the “Obtain DNS server automatically” icons. Tap on the “OK” icon now
  • Now, one needs to tap on the “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” menu and tap on the “Properties” icon.
  • A dialogue box will appear in front of you.
  • DNS Server not respondingis mainly seen occurring on the Windows 10, Windows 7, and yes Windows 8 users are the most common victims of this issue. Well, all these steps will certainly prevent your computer from accessing the Internet.

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Windows Error Code 0x00AEM001489

Remove Windows Error Code 0x00AEM001489 – Steps

The Windows Error Code 0x00AEM001489 is an error which attempts to lock the screen while users try to restart the Windows system. These alerts are displayed in such a way to trick the user into a thinking situation about their computer that it has crashed or even that their PC has got a virus attack.

Windows Error Code 0x00AEM001489

When the Windows Error Code 0x00AEM001489 maliciously enters the installed program then according to Windows Technical Support Number, it will too change a variety of Windows settings by enabling the disabling mode of the Windows Task Manager. The error further displays a fake BSOD alert, which eventually overlaps the user’s entire screen, without fear that they can terminate it completely.

Steps to remove Windows Error Code 0x00AEM001489

STEP 1: Removal of the Error code: 0x00AEM001489 lock screen

  • The error can be well removed with the help of with shortcut keys. Alternatively, as suggested by Windows Tech Support Number, users can do it by tapping on the “CTRL + SHIFT + S” command combination to restart the machine. This removes all the fake lock screen errors.
  • One can also start the computer in the “Safe Mode” section with the help of “Networking” process.
  • Immediately after powering on the computer, tap on the F8 key in 1 second intervals.
  • After the PC has displayed the hardware information and has executed the memory test, the “Advanced Boot” option menu will then appear.
  • Use of the arrow keys to select the “Safe Mode” with networking process is suggested and then press the “ENTER” button.

STEP 2: Run the “RKill” to terminate the Error code: 0x00AEM001489

  • While the computer is in Safe Mode with Networking method, downloading of the ‘Rkill” command is necessary option.
  • Double click on the “Rkill” program to immediately stop the malicious programs from executing on repeated basis.
  • RKill will start its working procedure in the background mode.
  • When the Rkill tool has completed its working process, it will then generate a log command. Be careful not to reboot the PC after running the RKill command as the malware programs will start again.

STEP 3: Remove Error code: 0x00AEM001489 virus

  • Removal of the error code x00AEM001489 with Malware bytes Anti-Malware is an essential step to follow.
  • One can also remove the Windows Error Code 0x00AEM001489 infection with the help of HitmanPro tool or command
  • HitmanPro is easy to download which can easily be done by double-clicking on the file named as “HitmanPro.exe” (for 32-bit versions of Windows) or “HitmanPro_x64.exe” (for 64-bit versions of Windows).
  • You will be presented as a message which will ask you to click on the “Next” button to install HitmanPro on the computer.
    HitmanPro will now start scanning your PC for malicious files.

Step 4: Displaying process

  • When the task is finished, it will further display a list of all the available malware which the program has found.
  • Tap on the “Next” button to easily remove the malware.
  • At last, simply click on the “Activate free license” button to begin the using this tool.


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troubleshoot 1603 fatal error in Windows

How to troubleshoot 1603 fatal error in Windows during Installation

As per as study conducted by a professional Windows technical support team members, user will come across a prominent where it will show that they are trying to install a Microsoft Windows Installer package, and is receiving the following error message shown 1603 fatal error in Windows “Fatal Error during Installation”. To Troubleshoot 1603 fatal error in Windows contact Customer Support at +1-855-971-1879 . If a user has clicked OK button in the message box, the installation will roll back.

troubleshoot 1603 fatal error in Windows

Causes of 1603 fatal error in Windows installer

A user may come across any one of the following message below:

  • Windows Installer is trying to install an app which is already installed on the PC is also a big reason as studied by a team of Windows Tech Support professionals.
  • The folder which they are trying to install the Windows Installer package is fully encrypted.
  • The drive which contains the folder which a user is trying to install the Windows Installer package is accessed as a substitute drive.
  • The system account runs out of Full Control permissions on the folder when they are trying to install the Windows Installer package to.

Troubleshoot 1603 Fatal Error in Windows

  • Perform a thorough check whether an app is already installed on the PC or not? If so, immediately uninstall and then reinstall the app.
  • On the Start menu, simply select the “Settings” button.
  • Next, in the “Settings” option, just select the “System > Apps & features” features.
  • If you see that the app is listed here then chooses it and click on the “Uninstall” button.
  • Follow all the given directions that are instructed on the screen.
  • Next, a user is required to install the package to a folder which is not encrypted properly.
  • Installing of the package to a required drive which is not accessed as a substitute drive is an essential step to perform.
  • Granting Full Control permissions to the SYSTEM account is necessary for a user to perform: also watch How to Fix Blue Screen Error.
  1. Open the File Explorer and then right-click on the drive on which you want to install the Windows Installer package to, and tap on the Properties.
  2. Click on the Security tab next to verify the Group or user names box which contains the SYSTEM user account
  3. Click on the ‘Edit” option and approve the User Account Control when you are prompted.
  4. Click on the “Add” option and then tap on the ‘Select Users or Groups” dialog box which will appear on the screen
  5. Next, in the Enter the object names to select field, a user is required to type the “SYSTEM” , and then tap on the “Check names” option.
  6. Click on the “OK” button at last.
  7. Click on the “Edit” option when prompted to approve the User Account Control.
  • Selection of  the SYSTEM user account to be made, to  verify in the “Permissions section whether the “Full Control is set to “Allowmode or not.
  • Close the “Permissions” dialog box and then return to the “Properties dialog box. Next, a user is required to click on the click on the “Advancedoption.
  • Select the “Change permissions” option. If a user is prompted, then he/she is required to approve the User Account Control.
  • Next, in the Permissions tab, a selection of the “SYSTEM entry is to be made and then click on the “Editbutton.
  • Click on the Applies to dropdown menu and select the “This folder, subfolder and files’ button. Simply click OK.
  • Wait for the operating system to apply all the permissions for all child folders.
  • Run the Windows Installer package at last.

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Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications

4 Methods to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) notifications happen at the time when the computer hasn’t passed the validation test accurately. According to the expert Windows technical support professionals, the validation test has huge chanced of failing to perform because users might have installed a pirated non-genuine copy of Windows 7, or might be they have changed the Windows 7 product key to a software-generated key, or even it is possible to happen for no reason at all.

Below is a step by step guidance penned down or Methods to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications by Windows Technical Support professionals: 


Method 1 is simply by using Command Script

  1. Open up the Command Prompt as an administrator which is located right in start menu > all programs >accessories >command prompt section.
  2. A user needs to simply right click on the command prompt and then select the run command as an administrator option
  3. Type the “SLMGR/REARM” message and then press enter menu
  4. At last, just restart your Windows operating system

Method 2 is shown by Linux operating system

  1. Boot your computer by using Linux CD or with the help of USB drive.
  2. Navigate directly to the System32 folder which is located in the Windows folder.
  3. A user simply needs to delete or rename the two main items namely WgaTray.exe and WgaTray.dll.

Method 4 is shown by Command Delete process

  • A user should try for system restore process if they are working with Windows Genuine Advantage notifications, else proceed as given details mentioned
  • Open up the Command Prompt window and then click on the Start button to tap on the Run menu. Type the CMD command and then press OK menu.
  • Directory changes are required into the System32 Folder where a user needs toType “cd \windows\system32” (without quotation marks).
  • Open and get access to the Notepad window by typing the following lines: taskkill -IM wgatray.exe del wgatray.exe del wgalogon.old
  • Highlighting and copying of three lines above to the Clipboard is an essential step.
  • At last, you are required to paste the contents of the Clipboard directly to the Command Prompt. This will further kill the wgatray.exe process right from the Taskbar and immediate deletion of both the files named as wgatray.exe and wgalogon.dll. is required.

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How To Fix Recover or Restore Computer Registry in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

The registry process is considered as a huge database section which is found in the Windows system, comprising of all types of program data, system settings and many other such features. According to the study, it is said by a team of Windows Technical support number professionals that after a long time usage, the registry automatically gets muddled up and other few futile entries that can easily slow down the user’s PC device.

Fix Recover or Restore Computer Registry in Windows

A manual guide to fix Recover or Restore Computer Registry in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Method 1 is shown by an Automated Cleaning method

  • At first, a user is required to have a thorough research process of registry cleaner programs.
  • Next, a user is required to download a registry scanner program feature.
  • Have through knowledge of the program which you choose to use and check if there is an available option to automatically scan and fix the registry feature on a schedule.
  • You are supposed to close all of your open programs other than the registry cleaner which you have downloaded recently.
  • Running your registry cleaner program is essential.
  • After the completion process, a user is required to close the registry cleaner program.
  • This method is further recommended for an average Windows customer, since the registry is difficult to understand and even can lead to bad results for user’s PC device

Method 2 is described by Manual Cleaning process according to the  Windows Operating System support phone number team of experts

  • A user is required to access the start menu
  • Click on the “Run” command
  • Typing in the name of the registry editing program named as regedit.exe file is an essential process.
  • Once a user have this permission to run the regedit.exe program, he/she is required to access registry files.
  • The registry can sometimes be very large and complex enough for users to understand.

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