How To Fix Dreaded Ntoskrnl.Exe BSOD Blue Screen Error?

The “ntoskrnl.exe” is known as kernel image that works with the kernel and executive layers of Windows NT kernel space. This error is responsible for system issues such as hardware virtualization, process and memory management. The screen will convert into blue screen. Fix dreaded ntoskrnl.exe BSOD blue screen error with expert guidelines. The problem will also occur when the Windows system will not find any solution to this issue.

But the “dreaded Ntoskrnl.Exe BSOD Blue Screen Error” is one of the most common issues to arise with a high-intensity technical problem. Apart from the above most common reasons, there are more of them to come such as issues in the ntoskrnl.exe core file which is in Windows. A type of Blue Screen error which is will generate serious messages within it.  Well, there are various methods to resolve this issue but as of now, we will explain only two of them which will do the tricks.

Solutions to fix dreaded ntoskrnl.exe BSOD blue screen error are

Fix dreaded ntoskrnl.exe BSOD blue screen error

Solution 1: Check for Ntoskrnl.Exe corrupt files

Try this method to search for Ntoskrnl.Exe File whether it is the incorrupt mode or not?

  • There are cases where chances are that the system is with a corrupted file of Ntoskrnl.exe. It will often happen when the issue is with Ntoskrnl.exe file.
  • The first thing is to work with the Microsoft Bootable Windows OS DVD ROM to insert it and restart the PC.
  • Now, press “F2” key so that your BIOS should appear.
  • Now, look for options where the first thing is to boot device to its DVD ROM. The second thing is to boot device to the Hard Disk and have a check on both of these. Save all modifications and restart the device.
  • The next process will continue further. When it will prompt users, they need to press the “R” button. Here, it will recover the functionality and go to work for operating systems such as Windows 7, XP as well as others
  • To fix dreaded ntoskrnl.exe BSOD blue screen error,a command prompt will appear on the screen where one needs to paste ‘Expand x: i386 ntoskrnl.ex_ c: windows system32’ command. Here the letter ‘x’ is the drive name of the CD ROM, so users need to replace x with their specific drive name.
  • Hit “enter” button and press “Y” key to confirm “Yes” icon.
  • Save the setup process and restart your device again.

Solution 2: Adjust the clock settings

  • If the first solution did not work out then, try out this second one. Here users have to change the clock settings. If that were the case for you, all you would need to do is reset the overclock settings. To do this, perform below instructions:
  • Hold the power button for at least 10 seconds more until the computer shuts down completely
  • Switch on the computer device and wait for the log screen to appear on the screen
  • As per as Windows Support technical experts, as soon as the logo screen will appear on your screen, press a combination of keys from the keyboard like CTRL + ALT + DEL or CTRL + ALT + ESC. However, users can also come across them. One can press F1, F2, F10, ESC or the Delete keys. This action will let users enter the BIOS.
  • Now, the next thing is to work with a specific arrow key, head over to Exit button. From there, navigate to “Load Setup Defaults” icon. If you are not able to find out then, have a look around until you do and work with the arrow keys to get there.
  • After this, press the “Enter key” and if there is a notification then, choose the “Yes” button and tap the “Enter” button again. An option of “Exit Saving Changes” will appear on the screen. Users simply need to select the “Yes” button. Press the Enter key.
  • Restart your computer device now.

Windows Service Center

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