How to Fix Windows 10 Error 193?

Have you ever faced Windows error 193 while updating the Windows system or its manager? If it is so, then you don’t need to get so bent about it. All you need to do is to Fix Windows 10 Error 193 in the best possible manner.

Keep getting the runtime errors sometime cause your system to close. Occurrence of Windows 10 error 193 can irritate the users more & more. If you ever get the same error then fix it via Windows 10 Support professionals. Now, the point is how to connect with such professionals? Well, the one-stop answer is refer the modes–online, remote, or phone. Use means—phone, internet-connected system, or remote software to connect the expert. Finally, experts will troubleshoot your Windows system & will fix it via remote access.

Still, getting chaotic about such error? Well, it is the windows system manager connection cum update service error on the system. Error 193 comes when the application manager system of windows fails. Inability to find the exact path of the .exe file of current program which runs the service may cause such error. If you want to fix such error by yourself then have a look at the steps given below:

Fix Windows 10 Error 193

Steps to Repair Windows 10 Error 193:

Step 1:   Open the Windows services on Windows 10

Here are a few steps to use the Windows services:

Way 1: Use the Windows Shortcuts keys

Using the Windows shortcuts keys will fix 193 errors. Step to go:

  • Press “Win logo+ R” key to open the “Run” dialogue box.
  • Type “services.msc” command in the field.
  • Hit [Enter] key.

Way 2: Open Windows 10 Cortana

  • You need to speak with your computer like “Hey Cortana” if this feature present.
  • Then, you need to speak out “Open Services” to the Cortana.
  • You need to wait for a few seconds to open Windows Services.

Way 3: have a go of Search Bar  

  • Hold & press “Win+S” key altogether or use the search bar of taskbar
  • Type “services” in the field.
  • Select “services” from the given results.

Step 2: Select the Error Related Application Services

You need to select the error related application services.

Step 3: use the Computer Properties

Under the properties of window, you need to check “Path” to executable. Please notice your path & then go to “Run” dialogue box & type “Regedit” in the field. A registry editor black box will pop up. Now, you need to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\

Step 4:  Select the service

Under the Services tab, you need to check the error related services.


Now on, you need to run the “CMD /K SC CONFIG SPOOLER DEPEND= RPCSS” command.

Yet, getting the error 193?

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Contact Windows 10 Support Experts for quick help


Are you the big victim of Windows 10 error & looking for quality fix? If it is so, then get your phone in your hand to dial the +1-855-971-1879 Windows 10 Support Number. Calling at such number will connect users to experts. After that, experts will troubleshoot your system. Finally, experts will fix runtime errors via remote access.