Windows 7 Profile Error

How To Fix Windows 7 Profile Error?

The Windows 7 Profile Error usually occurs while unable to load the user profile service and failed to log on your computer system. So, advised you to Fix Windows 7 Profile Error either by reaching out at the Windows 7 Customer Support Number or by knowing how to DIY as mentioned below. The aforementioned error generally pops up as “—The User Profile Service failed the logon and User profile cannot be loaded” on your PC while logging on your computer system.

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Resolutions to Fix Windows 7 Profile Error:

Resolution 1: Turn Your PC Down and Restart your system

Come up to switch your computer system off and then restart your PC. Follow steps:

  1. Switch off your personal computer down
  2. Just hold for 5 seconds
  3. Now, turn your PC on
  4. If you try to log on your user account which was unable to open that time.
    • If you are able to log on your computer system, the issue is all-resolved.
    • If you are unable to log on then account might not be corrupted.

Resolution 2: Create a New Copy of Your User Account  

If you have tried the first resolution and still are encountering the same error while trying to log into your user account. The aforementioned account might be corrupted. In such a critical time, users are facilitated with a new account creation facility by copying the files from the older account before deleting the older account up.

Here are steps:

  • Give a click on “Start” taskbar menu.
  • Enter “Control Panel” keywords on the search box.
  • Now, a new window will be pop up.
  • Give a hit on “Add or remove user accounts” given under User “Accounts and Family Safety”
  • Enter your computer system in the administrator mode if asked by putting the “administrator password” in the given field.
  • Create a “new account”
  • Come up to type the name for the new account
  • Come up to click on “account type” and then make a click on “Create Account”

The new account is all created

Key Note: You truly need to have at least three user accounts to accomplish these steps, including the account that you just created.

  • Now, come up to log on as a user other than the brand-new account being created/ the particular user’s whole files want to take a copy.
  • Place a click on “Start” taskbar menu and then give a click on “documents”
  • Come up to press “Alt” to open the menu bar.
  • Give a click on “tools” and after that give a click on the “Folder Options”
  • Give a click on the “View Tab” and then come up to select “Show hidden files and folders” and then come up to untick next to the “Hide protected operating system files” option.
  • Place a click on “Yes” on the warning which shows.
  • Now, place a click on “OK”
  • Now, come up to visit the C:\Users\Old_Username folder,

Where C is the system drive with Windows installed, and where the “Old_Username” is the name of the “user profile” whose files you wish to copy.

  1. Select the required files and folders in the given folder, except the below-mentioned files:
    • ini
    • dat
    • dat.log
  2. Now, press “ALT” to open the menu bar and then place a click on “Edit” option and then click on the “Paste” option.
  3. Now, log into the new user account for the mentioned files you already coped over.
  4. If the given files have already transferred then continue with the next “Step” to delete the older files.

Key Note: If you have electronic mail messages and you wish to save that are in an electronic program, for example Windows Mail, import the e-mail messages/addresses to the new user profile before deleting the older one.

Resolution 3: Fully remove the user’s profile from the very scratch.

Users can remove the user’s profile by making use of the third-party software or by making a few operating system settings.

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