How to Fix Windows 8 App Store Error?

Windows app store error most probably bugs while installing the applications right from the store and may cause your operating system in problematic dilemma. Thus, suggested you to Fix Windows 8 App Store Error either by dialing the Windows Customer Support Number or by knowing how to DIY as mentioned below.

At times, you may get aforementioned error saying— “Something happened and this app couldn’t be installed. Please try again”. If you face such error then you are not alone as the majority of the windows users out there experience it and report it. Suggestively, one of the root causes of such error can be popped by unavailability of the “AUInstallAgent directory”. Best part about this all is that you can fix it by consulting with professionally dedicated windows techies.

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Methods to Fix Windows 8 App Store Error:

Method 1: Restore the “Auinstallagent Directory” On Window 8

  • Get on your keyboard and then hold and press the Win+E key simultaneously to launch the File Explorer window.
  • Go to “this PC” and then follow the paths: Local Disk (C :)> Windows.
  • Give a right-click on the blank-area to click on “New” and then on “Folder”
  • Place a click on “Yes” when you are prompted by user account control.
  • Now, come up to name a new folder: “AUInstallAgent
  • Then, reboot your windows 8
  • Now, visit your “Windows App Store” to install the app again to watch over whether it is successfully done or not.

Method 2:  Restore the “AppReadiness directory” on windows 10 or 8.1

The windows 8 app store error most likely pops due to missing of the “AppReadiness directory” on your computer system.  To restore it all, users need to follow the steps given below:

  • Get on your keyboard.
  • Hold and press the Windows logo+E keys simultaneously to launch the “File Explorer Window”.
  • Go to “this PC” icon given on your computer
  • Then, navigate to the Local Disk (C:)
  • Further, go to the “windows”
  • Place a right-click on blank-area to click “New”, and then on “Folder”
  • Give a hit on “Yes” when you asked by User Account Control.
  • Come up to name the few folder: “AppReadiness”
  • Furthermore, reboot your window 10/8.1.
  • Then, go to Windows App Store to install the application ahead to check if it all is successively done or not.
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