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How and When to Defragment Your PC’s Hard Drive in Windows 10

When the hard drive of your computer contains lots of files then these files are positioned in various clusters or places in your computer hard drive or are “fragmented”. This means that your PC speed is getting slower day by day. When you defrag the hard drive of your computer then the pieces of files are moved to contiguous locations. For more information regarding the defragmentation, contact Windows 10 Customer Support .

Follow the simple method described below to defrag the Windows 10

When to Defragment Your PC Hard Drive in Windows 10

Part 1: Access Optimize Drive Menu

By Using Cortana

  • Input “defrag” in Cortana search box.
  • As you input this command, a list of search results will occursin Cortana search window.
  • When you completeinputting “defrag,” the Defragment and Optimize Drives alternative will displays at the upperin the search window.
  • The next step is to click on “Defragment and Optimize Drives.”
  • You need to highlight the drive you wish to defrag.
  • For every listed drive, you will viewthecurrent status in the last column related to the driver fragmentation.

Part 2: Defragmentation

First click on the “Analyze” button in the optimize drives window. The next step is to click at “Optimize” button to initiate the defragmentation process. When the defrag procedure is performed, you need to click at the “Close” button in the lower right hand of the window to close theoptimize drives.

By Using File Explorer

  • Click at the file explorer button to opens the “File Explorer” window.
  • Select the drive you wish to defragment.
  • Launch the dialog boxfor “Optimize Drives”.
  • This will start Optimize Drives dialog box in another window.

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