Best Hacks To Resolve The Windows Error 0x80300024

When attempting to install Windows Operating System, you can encounter the error 0x80300024 on the computer. When this error pops up on your screen, then the error message that comes up on the screen is “Windows is unable to install to the selected location.”

There can various reasons for the occurence of this issue. Some of the usual ones are that if there is any hard drive that is not required, then due to its interference you might encounter this issue.

Even due to the faulty USB flash drive or the port, you might encounter this problem. Further, if the hard disk is not set as the main boot device, then there are chances for you to face this issue. 

Further, if the hard drive has no much space left, then also this issue can pop up. Moreover, if the hard disk has any type of internal problem, then this glitch can show up on your screen.

Excellent Methods to Eradicate the Windows Error 0x80300024:

In this section of the article, you will get various methods that will help you to eliminate this error 0x80300024 from the computer that runs on Windows.

Procedure to Clean the Hard Disk Space

When the hard disk does not have enough space to hold the Windows installation files, then due to that cause also, you can face this issue. The easiest solution to resolve this problem is to clean or format the hard drive.

The procedure on how can you achieve this is as follows.

  • First, insert or connect the installation media into the computer and then reboot it. Do boot your computer from the installation media and not from the hard drive.
  • When the Install Windows screen comes up, then choose the language that you prefer from the drop-down list, the layout of a keyboard, etc. After that, at the bottom of the screen, choose the Next button.
  • Now, the ‘End User License Agreement’ screen will appear, which you can read fully and then, simply select the ‘Accept’ button.
  • In the next screen that comes up with a heading ‘Which type of installation do you want?’, choose the ‘Custom (Advanced)’ option. 
  • Next, when you see a page that asks ‘Where do you want to install Windows?’, then go to the bottom and tap on the ‘Drive options (advanced)’ link. Now, on that window only, carefully select the partition of the hard drive where you want to install Windows from the list.
  • After the right partition selection gets over, then just below the list, choose the ‘Format’ option. When a prompt appears, then click on the ‘Yes’ button.
  • At this moment, wait for the formatting process to get over fully. Once that procedure is over, then click on the ‘Next’ button at the bottom right edge of the window.
  • Finally, attempt to complete the installation procedure of the Windows and see if this error comes back or not.

Disconnect any Other Hard Drive Installed Within your Computer

When the computer in which you are trying to install the Windows has more that one physical hard drive, then that drive may interfere with the installation process. Due to that interference, you may get the “Windows error 0x80300024”.

The best solution to eradicate this issue is to disconnect or remove the other hard disk from the system where the installation of the Operating System is not occurring. After the removal of the unnecessary hard drive, attempt to install the Windows into the computer and then see whether you are getting this issue or not.

Set the Hard Drive as a Main Boot Device 

There is a possibility for you to encounter this error if the hard drive where the Windows gets installed is not set as the main or primary boot device. To correct this issue from ever occurring, you need to set the hard drive where the Windows is installed at the top of the boot order. 

In other words, you can say that the best answer to removing this issue is to set the target installation hard drive as the primary boot device. Follow the lines below to know how can you achieve it.

  • First, press the ‘Power’ button to start the device.
  • As soon as the initial screen comes up, then repeatedly press on the ‘Delete’, F2 or some other keys according to the manufacturer of the computer to enter in BIOS page.
  • Once the Basic Input/Output System screen appears, then use any following arrow keys ‘Up’, ‘Down’, ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ to choose to the ‘Boot’ option.
  • Under this ‘Boot’ section, you can change the order of the boot or the set a specific hard drive as the primary boot device. 
  • Now, inside that section, locate the specific hard drive where the Windows is installed and place it on the top by following the instructions on the right panel of the screen.
  • Once the boot order is correctly set, then ‘Save’ the changes and ‘Exit’ from the BIOS.
  • Finally, let the Windows Operating System load as usual and then check whether this error comes back or not.

Connect the Installation Media in an Alternate USB Port

When you attempt to install the Windows OS from the USB flash drive where the installation media is present, then insert it into some USB port and encounter this issue. Then there is a possibility that the USB port in which the flash drive is connected to has some issue.

Now, the simplest solution to resolve this problem is to take out the flash drive and then put it on the other USB port present on the computer. Next, after connecting the flash drive to a different USB port, then check to see if this error comes up during the installation process.

Change the Problematic Hard Drive

Sometimes, due to a glitchy hard drive that can prevent you to properly install the Windows OS and can give this error. So, at first, check whether this error comes due to a problematic hard drive. 

Now, if the answer is yes, then the best solution to get permanent relief from this issue is to replace the hard drive with a brand new one.

Concluding Part

To fix the Windows install error 0x80300024, simply follow the methods on the previous section of this article carefully and minutely. But, although after following every step provided in the last section, still, if you are unable to mitigate this error, then do not worry at all.

Only provide detailed information about the problems that you are facing on the comment section below this article and get an instant reply from an expert.