Windows 10 Sound Not Working | Professional Assistance Is A Call Away!

Windows 10 provides the fastest hassle-free performance to users. But sometimes, it fails to give the best performance. You may face issues like Sound Not Working Windows 10. Incorrect sound settings may prevent the Windows from playing the music. Updating the driver may not be able to solve the problem each time.

However, to solve the error on your own, you can avail professional assistance by following this article. Here, you may find suitable solutions with which you may resolve the issue quickly.

Windows 10 Sound Not Working

Probable Reasons Behind Windows 10 Sound Not Working

There can be several reasons for which the problem may arise. Likewise,

  • If the system cannot find the audio driver, then the error may happen.
  • Sometimes the audio service may stop responding, therefore, resulting in Windows 10 Sound not Working.
  • Incorrect settings of the volume may be another reason for the sound problem.
  • Apart from these, irresponsive system, an obsolete audio driver can also cause the same error.

There can be other technical factors as well. But you can solve them with the help of the given solutions.

How To Fix The Sound Problem|Quick Hacks

Here, you can have some solutions with the help of which you may remove the error fix your trouble when Windows 10 Sound not Working After Update. So, follow the steps one after another until you can solve the issue.

Method 1: Change The Sound Format

First of all, if you are using a wrong format, then your laptop may show the sound problem. Adjusting it to the correct format may help you to fix the issue. At first, go to the Taskbar and click on the audio symbol. From the list, open the Sound Settings and select the Device Properties. Now, navigate to the Advanced Tab and change the sound format according to the configuration of the speaker. After that save the changes and try to play music. The issue will be resolved.

Method 2: Update Or Reinstall Audio Drivers

Secondly, a faulty or obsolete audio driver may cause sound issues. You can update the driver to avoid the error. Visit the manufacturer’s website to download the latest version. If the error persists, then you can reinstall the audio driver. For reinstalling, you can uninstall the audio driver from the Control Panel. Then install the latest version of the audio driver from the official website. After installing the recent driver try to play the sound to see whether sound not working on windows 10 is resolved.

Method 3: Check Windows Audio Service

Again, you can check the Windows audio service to make the audio driver work properly. To check the status, open the Run Dialogue box by pressing the Windows key and R. Now, type services.msc and search for it. After that, find the Windows Audio from the services Window. Now, adjust the start type to automatic and choose the Start button to start it. Then save the changes and apply. Finally, restart the computer to dissolve the sound error.

Method 4: Check The Speakers

Additionally, due to wrong connection or low volume, you cannot hear the sound properly. At first, make the connections properly. Disconnect the speaker from the computer and wait for a while. After that, connect back and check if you can hear it or not. If not, then go to the volume panel and increase the volume. Now, you may succeed to play the sound of your system.

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