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How to Fix Error Code 0x80070422 in Windows 10 Store?

Error Code 0x80070422 in Windows 10 Store generally occurs when you are trying to enable the Windows Firewall. This is a common error which doesn’t let windows to load its store. When this error appears, most of the time, the users are unable to update anything on the Windows 10 store. The reason behind the occurrence of this error includes Internet connection, Proxy-Connection issue, Re-register Windows issue, and virus/malware, etc.

So, if you are receiving the same issue, then you don’t need to worry about it. As its suggested Windows technical support team, this issue can be easily solved. Well, In this blog, you will see some easy methods on Fix Error Code 0x80070422 in Windows 10 Store. So, let’s see here for the possible simple solutions to fix Windows update Error 0x80070422.

Error Code 0x80070422

Effective Ways to Resolve Windows update Error 0x80070422 | Easy And Solutions

Windows is the first choice when it comes to operating systems. Although it comes with advanced features, still you might encounter some issues from time to time. Windows update error 0x80070422 is fairly common among Firewall related issues. You can encounter this problem while enabling Windows Firewall. When you meet with error 0x80070422, Windows will be blocked from loading its store. This issue can be problematic since it leaves your system vulnerable. Read this article to know what to do when you are struggling with error 0x80070422.

Know About Windows update Error 0x80070422

Windows error code 0x80070422 indicates the inability of the operating system to start up the update service. The problem with this issue is it occurs all of a sudden, without showing any symptom. When you encounter error 0x80070422, you won’t be able to update anything on the Windows store.

Further, there are some reasons why this issue occurs. In case, you are encountering this problem, you need to know about the reason. Once you figure out what caused the error, you can try to resolve it. Problems with internet and proxy connection are capable of causing this issue. Also, it can result from re-registered Windows and malware or virus infection.

Easy hacks To Tackle Error 0x80070422

Resolving Windows update error 0x80070422 depends upon various factors.So, once you figure out why the issue popped up, you can eliminate it on your own. Sometimes, rebooting your device can solve this error, but that fix is temporary. Later on, the issue might bother you again. So, if you are receiving this error message frequently, go for the following troubleshooting tricks. In case of any further queries, contact our Windows Customer Support team.

Solutions Fix Error Code 0x80070422 in Windows 10 Store:-

Solution 1:- Run the Troubleshooter for Windows Apps

You should try to run the troubleshooter for Windows Apps. Then navigate “https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027498/windows-run-the-troubleshooter-for-windows-apps” and then hit the “Run Troubleshooter” button.

Solution 2: Reset Windows Store

  • Then you should do to reset Windows Store by the following way:-
  • First, press “Windows” Key + “R” key together, and then command prompt will open.
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • Then type the following command “Wsreset.exe” and then hit “enter” key.

Now restart your PC and check the error is resolved, if yes, then go to the next solution.

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Solution 3:- Disable Proxy Connection

Then you need to try to disable Proxy Connection by the following way:-

  • Go to “Internet Setting” window.
  • Then, go to “Connections” tabs and then selects “LAN” settings.
  • Next, uncheck the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and make sure “Automatically detect settings.”
  • Now your problem should be fixed, if, yes, so then move to the next method.

Solution 4: Re-register Windows Store Apps

After performing the step, if the problem still exists, so there might be there issue with register Windows Store Apps, then you have to perform the steps for Re-register Windows Store Apps, by the following way.

  • In the Windows search type “Powershell”, and then right-click on it and then chose “Run as administrator” section.
  • Now type the following in the Powershell

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}.

  • Then hit “Enter” key.

After then trying to restart your PC and check the error is resolved, if yes, then go to the next solution.

Solution 5:- Check Windows Update Service Is Running

  • On your PC, open “Control Panel” and then go to “Administrative Tools”.
  • Find and run Services.
  • Once the “Services window” opens, then find “Windows Update service” and double-click on it to open its “Properties”.
  • In the “Windows Update Properties”, you need to find “Startup Type” and then from the drop-down choose “Automatic”. Also, check the “Service status”, and if the status is not set to “Running”, then you have to click the “Start” button in that section to start it.
  • Hit “OK “button to save your settings.
  • Then restart your computer.

Hopefully, the error code 0x80070422 in Windows 10 store is resolved.

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