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How to Fix 80073cf9 and 80073cf6 Windows Error code?

This error usually happen to exist while users are trying to install any application.  Basically what happens is that while downloading any application, the process will continue to download smoothly with a proper installation method and will definitely finalize the process. But this is not an end to it. In the meanwhile you will end up with an error failure.  For users who are working with the Windows 8.1 operating system, will encounter this issue a lot.  Well, there is nothing to get worried about it as we have found methods to fix 80073cf9 and 80073cf6 Windows Error Code. Let’s see what is there for us.

Fix 80073cf9 and 80073cf6 Windows Error code

Methods to Fix 80073cf9 and 80073cf6 Windows Error Code

Method 1: Clear out all device caches

  • Clearing all of your caches will definitely solve your problems of the Windows Phone device. To do this, users are first advised to navigate to the “Settings” icon and then click on the “Applications” icon.
  • The next step is to tap on the “Internet Explorer” icon and then, tap on the “Delete History” icon.
  • Once completed, users are requested to reboot the device and then perform a check whether this issue do exists or not.
  • If this method does not solve at all then, proceed to below method now
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Method 2: Perform the reset process and then synchronization step

  • This step calls for a reset process. To perform this simply press and then, hold the “Power” button as well as the ‘Volume Down” button for at-least 15 seconds till your start the system. Once rebooted, go to the “Settings > Email + Accounts” icon and then, tap and hold the Microsoft Account.
  • The next step is to select the “Sync” icon. Once done, try to install and update the app and perform a check whether the error still persists or not?

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