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How to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error

How to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error?

The Windows 7 invalid product key activation error while activating the product key of windows 7. So, advised you to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error either by approaching out at the windows customer service or by getting aware of how to DIY as given below.

As we know that product activation was initially pioneered into windows family with the release of Windows XP version of 2011. Windows key activation pairs the product key with the computer system. The error might be popped as 0xC004C001, 0xC004F061 error code by the windows 7 users.

Understand the windows 7 product key activation:

  • A windows 7 product key cannot activate the windows 10 as windows 10 makes use of its own unique product key.
  • Windows 7 builds are pre-keyed & pre-
  • At the very start, if you perform a clean install then you have to kick-start from an activated Windows 7 installation.
  • If you are ever prompted to enter a Windows 7’s product key, and then come up to click on “Do this later” and give it in the given days, Windows 7 will activate automatically.

resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error

Follow solutions to resolve windows 7 invalid product key activation error:

Solution 1: upgrade the latest version of windows 7

Upgrade the computer system from an activated copy of Windows 7 then I decided to reinstall either the ISO file/reset this computer system/ recovery drive, but I am asked to enter a product key. The given product key is for the upgraded version of Windows 7 and a formal version of Windows wasn’t on your PC when Windows 7 is about to be installed on your PC.

In order to install an upgrade version of Windows 7, the Windows Vista/Windows XP needs to be installed on your PC. If you have formatted the drive before beginning the installation process, you won’t be able to make use of the upgrade product key to activate Windows 7. To activate the Windows 7, you have to install the formal version of Windows, and then come up to reinstall the Windows 7. To get the instant aid in the activation process, users need to go to the “Microsoft Support website”.  (Important Note: you can position the new updated/upgraded options, features, apps, services,buttons—& also pre-existing windows services by obtaining the best fitted Windows customerservice on the spot)

Solution 2: It might be possibility that you mistype the product key of your windows 7

Yes, sometimes Windows users might face issues such as mistyping error and need to resolve on the spot by keeping in mind the below-mentioned commandments:

  • Spacing must not be given right after typing the Windows 7 product key.
  • There should not be single space between any of the product key fillers.

Solution 3: Mismatch of the latest product key with the previously given windows version

It is that possibility that product key being entered by the Windows users doesn’t match the version of Windows 7 that is already installed on your PC. Now, come up to check the product key to ensure the version that you are endeavoring to activate. (Moreover, you can get connected with Windows customer care service connoisseurs to get the manual aid right from the Windows professionals)

Solution 4: Remove the “Windows Not Genuine Watermark” without using any Patches and Cracks

Now, come up to remove the “windows not genuine watermark” without making use of any patches or cracks pop up at any time.

Solution 5: Make the Windows 7 Genuine without using the cracks

Yes, windows 7 users need to use the Windows 7 genuine without making use of the cracks and patches.

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Dial the Windows Customer Support Number round the clock!


Whenever you come across with windows related issues then you have to get some crack experts on the line by placing a few ring tones at the +1-855-971-1879 Windows Customer Support number. After making a few ring tones at this number, then Windows experts will let end users with the most fitted Windows fix ever. Thus, Windows customer service is in such a new technology age just a one-step away.