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How to Fix Windows Error 80070103?

Having update error like Windows error 80070103 sometimes costs a lot to users. So, you need to Fix Windows Error 80070103 in the presence of experts. In such a manner, experts can securitize your system to the greater extent.

Now, a few of the people out there may ask how you can avail such services. Well, there are three ways—remote, online, or phone. But, modes depend on electronic devices including phone, remote software, or well-configured computer. Devices can help you to connect with Windows Support experts on the spot. Connect them all & fix your runtime errors in the best possible way.

What Is Windows Error 80070103

Microsoft Inc. is widely known for their brilliant innovations in computer technologies to make our daily work faster, smarter and easier. Microsoft revolutionized the way we used to look at computers by introducing their Windows series of Operating System. Windows is famous for its intelligent design, easy user interface and powerful features. However, when you face any error like the Windows update error 80070103, it can be quite difficult to resolve.

Whenever you face any error with your computer’s system software, you can’t really blame the device for the inconvenience. Most computers show error codes because of improper system settings and configuration of the device. When you are using a Windows operated computer, you have to keep it under timely maintenance and error troubleshooting. Your computer’s system should be properly configured and updated to the latest versions and patches to make sure you are getting the best performance out of your computer. If you are facing any serious issues with your Windows computer, you should consult only a tech expert who has in-depth knowledge about Windows and its features.

Do you want to ask when such error most of the times occurs? Well, it is one of knotty update errors. If you want to fix such kinds of errors by yourself, then follow steps as given below:

Know more about Windows update error 80070103:

We have recorded the frequency of the most common errors that our customers face while working on their Windows computer. Our tech professionals have developed various solutions to fix each error with the highest possible accuracy. We make sure to provide you with the fastest solutions to save your time and money. A Windows OS integrated computer needs timely system updates to deliver powerful computing performance to its users. One of the common issues you might face in a Windows computer is the Windows update error 80070103.

Standard symptoms of the error:

  • Your Windows Operating System is not downloading any update or showing interrupted update error message
  • The driver software of the computer hardware is getting corrupted. Also, some hardware components might not show up at all
  • The computer might show the failed update message or it is unable to install the downloaded updates

Potential solutions that can fix the error quickly:

We recommend our customers not to tamper with the complicated software settings and configuration of a Windows computer. Any wrong step or unintentional changes in system settings may make the matter worse. You should opt only for an experienced technician for the matter at hand. However, you can try a few basic methods to check if the problem resolves or not. Follow the given guidelines for fixing update error 80070103:

You can restart the update download manually by considering the following method

  • Reboot the computer
  • Go to Windows updates from your control panel
  • Configure the ‘auto update settings’ to ‘download optional updates’
  • Click on ‘check for updates’ and download the latest version only
  • After downloading, shut down the computer after installing the updates

Steps to Repair Windows Error 80070103:

Step 1:  Open the “Windows Update”

Windows Error 80070103

Get on your system & open Windows update.

Step 2: Click on “Check for Updates”

Now, you need to click on “Check for Updates” of windows updates.

Windows Error 80070103

Step 3: Click on “Optional updates are available” link

Windows Error 80070103

You need to click on “Optional updates are available” link of windows updates.

Step 4: Click on “Optional”

Windows Error 80070103


Step 5: Get the “Select the updates you want to install” section

Windows Error 80070103

Under “Select the updates you want to install” section, right-click the “update” that you want to hide. Now, click on hide update. Further, right-click “update” to hide wished item. Click on “Hide” update.

Step 6: Click OK.

Step 7: Click Install Updates to install any new updates

Click on install updates to install latest updates.

Still, getting error 80070103?

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Contact Windows Tech Support to Get Free Expert Help

Windows Customer Service number

If you are still receiving error 80070103 then you are at the right place. All you need to do is to contact +1-855-971-1879 Windows Tech Support Number. To do so, you can choose three modes of customer supports. Those modes are online, remote, or telephone. You can use electronic devices including phone, remote software, or well-configured PC.