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How to Install Windows XP – 3 Steps

Windows XP is the highly successful and popular operating systems from Microsoft. If you own an old PC that you want to use again or you wish to Install Windows XP on your new computer than read this blog post for complete information. If you need expert professional help for installing Windows XP then contact Windows XP Support Phone Number.

How to Install Windows XP

Below are the step by step instructions provided by the Windows XP Technical Support team to successfully install the Windows XP OS? 

Part 1: Configuration

You also require the Windows Product Key to install Windows XP successfully.

  • Set your PC to boot from CD/DVD.
  • To access the BIOS menu in your PC, you need to press DEL or F9.
  • In boot menu, set the CD/DVD-ROM drive as the first boot device.
  • If you want to install MS Windows XP from a USB pen drive, then set the USB drive as the first boot device.

 Part 2: Installation

  • Launch the installer and insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive after setting your boot order.
  • Push “Enter” button to start the installation. Once the MS Windows XP loads finishes, you can view the “Welcome screen”.
  • Now you can view a screen with several options, but if you want to install or reinstall MS Windows XP, then you’ll need to input “Enter” key to start the installation.
  • Then choose the partition you wish to install MS Windows XP.
  • Choose “Format the Partition using the NTFS File System” and push Enter key.
  • Also choose your region and language settings.

Part 3: Finishing the Installation

  • Install a good antivirus program before connected to the internet.
  • Install all the necessary device drivers such as display, network, and sound card etc.
  • Now connect to the internet and select “Activate now” to successfully activate your edition of MS Windows XP.

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