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Fix Installation Error in Windows 7

How to Fix Windows 7 Installation Error?

Windows 7 installation error is an installation error being popped up while unable to copy out the files required for complete installation and may lead your PC in the drastic dilemma. So, advised you to Fix Windows 7 Installation Error either by reaching out at the windows customer Service or by knowing how to DIY as mentioned below.

The Causes of Fix Installation Error in Windows 7: 

  • Running the same program may lead the same installation error
  • Crashing or corruption of the windows registry.
  • Unaware of the product key and its location.

The Symptoms of Fix Installation Error in Windows 7:

  • Unable to run the opening programs on your computer system
  • Corrupted download of the required software programs
  • Cluttered windows registry and system settings

The Checkpoints:

  • Turn off your computer system and then restart your computer system
  • Ensure you are using the authentic product key for your windows product
  • Ensure that the windows operating system you are using is not expired till now.

Fix Installation Error in Windows 7

 Resolutions to Fix Windows 7 Installation Error:

Resolution 1:  repair windows if you don’t have desktop

The very first resolution is to repair the corrupt system files and programs. To do so, users need to make use of the windows installation DVD.

Steps to implement:

  • Insert the disc and reboot it on your computer system: if your system is unable to boot up from the windows operating system then try to make it from somewhere. By default, your system must boot up with the help of the optical drive before your hard drive and if it is not so then you are all free to change the boot priority in the BIOS of your computer system. Whenever you start your computer system, then press a key when prompted to boot from the given windows installation disc. When you implement it on your computer system, you will be able to see the windows installation language-selection screen
  • Now, gave a click on the “start” taskbar menu located at the bottom-left of the PC.
  • Now on, you will get a search box in which you need to enter the “cmd.exe” keywords and then  get to your command prompt with the help of this “Start” taskbar menu
  • Then type the “sfc /scannow” command on the command prompt window.
  • Then, come up to scan your PC. Keep scanning your computer system till you resolve a whole set of scanning errors.

Resolution 2: Reinstall Windows without Losing Any Data

Steps to go:

  • Do Some Prep Up Work On Your Computer System: it might be possible that you will be unable to repair the windows 7 SPI install with the help of the pre-SP1 install disc? The best solution is to buy the brand-new install disc including SPI. But, then it might be possible to uninstall the SP1. To kisk-start, follow options:
    • Give a click on the “start” taskbar menu
    • Then search box will be pop up
    • Now type the “control panel” on the search box
    • Then, give a click on the “uninstall a program” and then come up to choose the options to view the mentioned updates.
  • Insert The Install Disc:

Steps to go:

  • Go to the “autorun” menu
  • Simply insert the disc when you spot the autorun option over the screen.
  • Now come up to choose to run the “setup.exe” \
  • Furthermore, give a click on the “install now” button.
  • Reinstall Windows: when the installer pasts the copying junks (temporary files) then you will be prompted to show updates corresponding to the installation files. Now on, follow the on-screen instructions one-by-one. When the installer asked you to reinstall it then make it as soon as possible.

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How To Install Windows 7 from USB or DVD?

So are you in a process to install Windows 7? But you are that you don’t need a professional help or even you don’t want to refer to a confusing manual instructions. Well, this is absolutely not as such big issue as our professional  Windows 7 technical support number  experts has written a method to install Windows with the help of DVD without involving into much of a trouble.

Below are essential steps guided by a professional team of Windows 7 technical support phone number experts to install Windows 7 with the help of DVD.


Part 1 is all about installing Windows with the help of a DVD

Clean the Installation part:

  • Enter the computer’s BIOS feature.
  • Find the BIOS’s boot option menu.
  • Select the DVD-ROM drive for the purpose of booting the computer device.
  • Save all the setting changes
  • Shut down the computer.
  • Power on the PC and then insert the Windows 7 disc into the  DVD drive.
  • Start the operating system from the disc
  • Choose the Windows Setup options accordingly.
  • Click on the Install Now
  • Accept the License terms as well as agreement.
  • Choose between the type of hard drive and partition for installing the Windows.
  • Installation of the Windows on the preferred hard drive as well as partition is highly recommended.
  • Start the computer now
  • Check whether the system is compatible with Windows 7 or not?
  • Prepare the PC for installing the Windows.
  • Insert the Windows 7 installation disc
  • Start the Windows Setup process
  • Click on the Install Now option.
  • Choose whether to install updates for Windows Setup or not.
  • Accept the License terms as well as agreement
  • Select the Upgrade installation option to proceed ahead.

Part 2 describes the Post-Installation method

  • Type the username and computer’s name.
  • Click on the NEXT option
  • Type the password and then again click Next icon.
  • Enter the product key and click on the Next option.
  • Choose the type of Windows Update settings.
  • Set the time zone.
  • Set the network type accordingly.
  • Your computer is now all set to operate
  • Once the computer is ready, format the USB drive back to its original settings
  • Remember to reinstall any software which you have uninstalled during this process

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Install Windows 7 from USB or DVD

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