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Windows 10 installation error

How to Fix Windows 10 Installation Error of Start Menu?

While installing the Windows 10 on system, start menu sometimes pops the unexpected installation error and may lead your PC in the problematic situation. Thus, you need to Fix Windows 10 Installation Error of Start Menu as soon as possible. Advisably, users can take the reference of the below-mentioned simplified steps and then implement it one by one. In case, still such kinds of hurdles persist then you don’t need to panic that time as there are many other alternatives to fix such issues.

In the advisable list, the users can approach the third-party Windows 10 Support. Now, some of the users out there may question on why/how to get connect with such support system. Before answering such questions let me tell you about the Windows troubleshooters. There are pre-hired Windows tech-savvy professionals whom users can back upon all their Windows queries/resolutions.

Windows 10 Installation Error of Start Menu

Methods to Resolve Windows 10 Installation Error of Start Menu:

Method 1: Lunch the Task Manager

Launch the task manager by implementing the below-mentioned steps:

  • Press”Ctrl+Alt+Del” key simultaneously
  • Rick-click the “Taskbar”
  • Select “Task Manager”

Method 2: Run Windows PowerShell

Run the Windows PowerShell by implementing the below-mentioned steps:

  • Hold and press “Win+R” key altogether
  • Type “PowerShell” in the search field
  • Check the “Create this task with administrative privileges” check box.
  • Press the [Enter] key
  • Enter the “sfc/scannow” command on black-screened window.

Method 3: Run “sfc/scannow”

Steps to go:

  • Hold and press Window +R key altogether to open run dialogue box
  • Enter the “cmd.exe” command in search field.
  • Get to the command prompt.
  • Enter the “sfc/scannow”

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How To Fix Windows 10 Critical Error?

Windows 10 is so far the best operating system by Microsoft. It is designed with high-end technologies for improved performance. Over time you may come across some complicated issues with this operating system which can leave your computer in a dilemma. In case, you are encountering a Windows 10 critical error, this article is what you need. So, go through this article to know about the effective solutions.

As we know that cortana is an efficacious virtual assistant tool pioneered by Microsoft  to answer the random questions of people. Similarly is with the start task bar menu option and lacking of these functionalities may cause your windows machine in the problematic situation.   

What Is Windows 10 Critical Error?

When you face problems with Start Menu or Cortana, you have come across a critical error. These issues are quite familiar with Windows 10. Microsoft already launched an update to deal with such problems. If you are trying to fix a critical error, you need detailed knowledge about it. Take a look at some of the common things which can happen with your Windows 10.

Windows 10 Critical Error

Accordingly, the issue can be with the Start menu and Cortana won’t work on your PC. Again, you might fail to open the Start menu, or it won’t go away once you click on it. Sometimes, Start menu might open on its own. Further, it can go missing, become very slow, or keep flashing. You might find some icons or tiles missing from the Start menu. When you enter any of these issues frequently, your device needs expert attention.

Tips To Troubleshoot Critical Error In Windows 10

Any critical error can hamper your work and irritate you. When you come across such issues, you can restart your device first. However, solving these errors can be complicated as well. You need to figure out the exact reason behind the problem and fix it accordingly. In that case, you can get a clear idea about the problem you are facing with our experts. Contact our Windows Customer Care team and resolve your Windows Errors queries. Here are some standard tricks you can try.

  • Get on your keyboard.
  • On the given keyboard, come up to hold and press the “Windows Logo” keyboard key + R together to get the “Run” dialogue box.
  • Type “ms-settings:” on the given open field
  • Give a click on “OK”
  • Give a hit on “System”,
  • Now, come up to give a hit on “About”.
  • Furthermore, come up to look under “Version” to know the which version of Windows your machine is running.

Solution 1: Enter safe mode and reboot your device

The first and most basic thing you can do when you encounter a Windows 10 critical error is, reboot your computer in safe mode.

  • Log out when Windows 10 starts by pressing Windows Key + L.
  • Now click on the Power button and restart your PC while holding the Shift key. After this, your computer will restart to boot option.
  • Then navigate to “Startup Settings” from “Advanced Options” followed by “Troubleshoot”.
  • Now hit the Restart button to continue.
  • Press F5 to access Safe Mode after your computer restarts.
  • Once you enter the Safe Mode, your problem will be eliminated. Now restart again and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Run a scan for malware

A virus or malware can affect your device and result in critical errors. In case, your PC is not protected with some security software, install one. Run a scan and check for possible threats. If the error occurred due to viruses, then you will be able to solve it once you take care of the corrupted files.

Solution 3: Hide Cortana from the taskbar

You might encounter Windows 10 critical error because of some problems with Cortana. If that is the case, then hiding Cortana from the taskbar can fix this error.

Step 1: Right click on the taskbar of your computer and look for Cortana. Now you will find an option saying “Hidden”.

Step 2: Now navigate to Cortana again and select the option saying “show search icon”.

Step 3: Once you are done, restart your device and check whether you dealt with the error successfully or not.

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