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How to Fix Windows 7 Dism Error 87?

Microsoft is user-friendly with advanced features and in-built specifications. Windows 7 has gained popularity with its stability. Windows is particularly exceptional when it comes to providing a user-friendly operating system. From Windows 7 onwards Microsoft has offered a vital function called Deployment Image Servicing and Management. Although DISM was launched with the motive of better functioning of the OS still over time, it can cause troubles. Windows 7 DISM error 87 is one of such issues which may bother you from time to time. Avail our expert guidance in order to resolve your queries.

Are you feeling hopeless from error 87 while getting not working DISM command-line? If it is so, then contact professionals. Yes, you can take help right from expert to instant Fix Windows 7 Dism Error 87.

Know About Windows 7 Dism Error 87

Error 87 is one of the complex command-line issues related to Deployment Image Servicing and Management. This issue can come up when the DISM function is in use. Further, the error code does not explain anything, which makes it hard for you to understand what has occurred to your system. It blocks the user from executing the command.

If you are facing an error 87, you need to figure out why it crept up. It occurs when you are trying to copy any file over 48GB. Again, corrupted system files are capable of causing this issue. Accordingly, this error can originate from a sudden freeze of your computer, system crash or virus attack. However, you might find difficulties in understanding why the issue occurred. In that case, avail help from professionals. Get in touch with our Microsoft Windows Customer Care team and resolve your queries.

If you want to fix error 87 then let me brief you about such error. Error 87 is the knotty DISM command-line error may put your system in a dangerous situation. To do so, follow steps as given below:

Fix Windows 7 Dism Error 87

1st To Steps to Resolve Windows 7 Dism Error 87:

Step 1: Boot PC with “Last Known Good Configuration”

You need to boot your personal computer with Last Known Good Configuration”. Arrow highlights “↑” and “↓” over it will try to boot your PC.

Step 2: Scan your PC

Scanning your computer system needs to follow the steps:

  • You need to hold & press [Windows +R] key to open the dialogue box.
  • Enter “Command Prompt” in the field.
  • You will blink cursor on the command prompt window.
  • Enter “sfc/scannow” command (without double quotes) on the black-screened window.

Step 3: Remove “Software Distribution” Folder

Removing “software distribution” will try to fix error in one go. Steps to try:

  • You need to double-click the C drive. Location is where a window has already installed.
  • You need to find the folders: Windows>>SoftwareDistribution
  • Remove folders like SoftwareDistribution.
  • You need to close all panes of your system.

Still, experiencing error 87?

2nd Easy Fixes For Windows 7 DISM error 87

When DISM fails to recognize the command line option, you come across an error 87. This issue can put your computer in a problematic situation. In order to fix Windows 7 DISM error 87, ensure the reason behind its occurrence. There are some common hacks you can try to deal with this problem.

Boot Your Computer With “Last Known Good Configuration”

The first thing you can try when you come across an error 87 in your Windows 7 is to boot your computer with “Last Known Good Configuration”. For that, you have to arrow highlights “↑” and “↓” over it. And then boot your device to complete the procedure.

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Run A Windows Automatic Repair

By running Windows Automatic Repair, you can fix your computer and eliminate DISM error code 87.

  • To begin the procedure, go to the Start Menu.
  • Search for PC Settings from there.
  • Then you will find an option to troubleshoot, select that.
  • Now look for an option saying Advanced Opening.
  • Click on Automatic Repair to continue.
  • After troubleshooting close the tab and restart your computer.

Remove “Software Distribution” Folder

Removing Software distribution can be of help when you encounter an error 87.

Step 1: Double tap on C drive, which is the location of the Windows.

Step 2: Now look for the folder named Software Distribution from Windows.

Step 3: Remove the folders once you find them.

Step 4: Close all panes of your system. Finally, end the procedure by restarting your computer.

Scan Your Device

A malicious threat can be the reason behind DISM error 87. In that scenario, scanning your PC will help. Enter Command Prompt in the field from the dialogue box. Now enter SFC or Scan Now command and wait till the procedure is over.

Having Difficulties In Resolving The Error? Avail Professional Support Dial: ++1-855-971-1879


Being a windows user, keep getting error 87 may damage your system. The fastest mode is to get expert on the line by dialing +1-855-971-1879 Windows Customer Support Number. Placing a ringtone at the toll-free number will connect you to experts. These are the professionals who are good at scanning, troubleshooting the issues. Thus, avail services ranging from system cleaning to the system backup & recovery.