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Fix Windows Error 651

How to Fix Windows Error 651?

This aforesaid error occurs when users are trying to connect with internet via PPPoE connections. If they are working with windows then the issue may arise due to various reasons such as IP address issues, registry problems or misplaced Raspppoe.sys files, etc. Fix Windows error 651 with our expert guidelines available with us.

Windows Error 651

Solutions to fix Windows error 651 are as given below

Solution 1: Reconnect the connecting device first: If users are facing this error then, the first thing is to reconnect their network check whether it is a router or any other device connection.

Solution 2: Recreation of dial up connection: If users are not satisfied with the aforesaid problem then, try to recreate dial up connection as instructed by Windows Support team. It also can fix the error.

Solution 3: Setting up a new PPPoE connection: This is third most accepted solution for Windows error 651 where users can set up a new PPoE connection easily and get rid of the problem.

Solution 4: Reinstalling network Adapter: Sometimes the problem may lie with the network adapter. So, if it is the case then, simply reinstall it and fix your error. Below are instructions applied

  • Boot your PC in safe mode and restart the PC first.
  • Once done, tap on ‘F8 key’ and thereafter “Advanced Boot Options” menu will be visible.
  • Use “Up and Down” keys to easily highlight your choice selection.
  • Select “Safe Mode” with Networking and press “ENTER” icon.
  • Users will come across drivers loading
  • A welcome screen where users need to log in to your computer via an account with administer privileges.
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