Top Tips For Effortless Solutions To Solve Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working Issue

Start Menu is a tab at the bottom left corner of the Taskbar. It is basically used to pull up the Windows menu, so that you can access everything on your computer. However, many Windows 10 users have encountered a problem where the Windows 10 Start Menu is not working on their system and it also can hamper their task. 

This is one of the most common problems faced by Windows users. Various reasons are there behind this issue.

Basically, this problem appears if the Operating System is outdated.

Sometimes, this problem shows up if the security software is turned on.

If the Windows files are corrupted, even then you might get this issue on the system. 

If you are one of them who are searching for the solutions, then this article will guide you in the right way. Here, you will get to know all the troubleshooting solutions to get rid of this particular issue on the system.   

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working Issue

If you want to know how can you fix the Start menu not working problem, then go through this article. Have a look at the section below as we are going to share easy and effective solutions for this problem:

Solution 1 – Relog into the Account

This is one of the easiest solutions that we have provided to eliminate this problem on the system is that relog into the account. To do that follow the steps:

  1. From the keyboard, press the Ctrl + Shift + Del Keys together to open a window. 
  2. From that window, select the Sign Out button to log out your account.
  3. After that, you can again enter the password and then hit the Enter button to log into your account. Once it completes, check if the problem gets solved or not. 

Solution 2 – Enter the Safe Mode 

Few users have reported that entering the safe mode can eliminate this problem on your computer. The following steps will help you:

  1. Firstly, hold the Windows button and press the “L” key to log out.
  2. Next, press the Power button of the computer and at the same time hold down the Shift key. Then select the Restart button to restart the system. 
  3. After restarting the system, you can see Choose an Options window will open. From that window, choose the Troubleshoot button. After that, click on the Advanced Options button and then select the Startup Settings option. 
  4. In the Startup Settings menu list, choose the Restart option. Once the system restarts, press the F5 key on the keyboard to enter the Safe Mode with Networking. After doing this check if the issue still persists or not. If yes, then go to the next solution. 

Solution 3 – Create a New User Account

This is one of the reliable solutions that will help you to eliminate the start menu not working issue on Windows 10 system. To create a new account follow the steps instructed below:

  1. Firstly, right click on the Taskbar to open the list and then choose the Task Manager. 
  2. From the Task Manager window, click on the Run new Task button under the File menu list. 
  3. When the Run new Task window opens, type PowerShell and mark on the Create this task with administrative privileges option and then select the OK option or press the Enter button.
  4. When the PowerShell window opens, type net user new username new password /add ( enter the username and password of your computer) and then hit the Enter button.
  5. Once it finishes, you can see a new user account is created. After that, reboot your PC and then log into your new account and check if the Start menu works perfectly without occurring any problem.

Solution 4 – Uninstall the Security Software

Sometimes, the third-party security software can also block the Start menu from the opening. So, you should eliminate the third-party security software from the system. To uninstall the security software follow the steps:

  1. First of all, press the Windows key + I button to launch the Settings application. 
  2. From that window, double-click on the Apps section. In that section, navigate to the Apps and Features tab on the left side menu list.
  3. On the right side window, scroll down the page and find the security software, select it. Then click on the Uninstall option to remove it. 
  4. Once it is removed, reboot the system. 

Solution 5 – Update the Operating System 

If the system has not been updated, then you may face this issue on your PC. So, you must upgrade the system as soon as possible. If you do not know how can you update the system then follow the under mentioned steps:

  1.  At first, press the Windows key + S key to launch the Search Panel. Type “Settings” and then press the Enter button. 
  2. From the Settings window, find the Update & Security section, double-click on it.
  3. When the Update & Security window opens, select the Update tab on the left side panel.
  4. In the Update tab, select the Check for updates button to find whether the updates are available or not. If the updates are there, then you will get an option Update, click on it. 
  5. Once the process is done, restart your computer and then check if the Start menu operates properly. 

Solution 6 – Remove the Dropbox

By removing the dropbox can fix the issue that you have encountered on your computer. So, you need to remove the dropbox from the system. To do so follow the directions carefully which are mentioned below:

  1. First, go to the Search box, type Control Panel and then hit the Enter key.
  2. When the Control Panel window opens, select the Programs and Features section.
  3. From that window, find the Dropbox and then, select the Uninstall button to start removing process. 
  4. After completing this process, restart the system and then check if the problem is fixed or not. 

Solution 7 – Repair the Windows File

If the Windows files are corrupted or missing then the Windows 10 start menu not working problem arises on the system. So, you have to repair this file by using the System File Checker(SFC) tool. It is an inbuilt tool of Windows. To perform this tool, follow the directions:

  1. First of all, right click on the Taskbar and then select the Task Manager from that list.
  2. From the Task Manager window, go to the File menu and click on the Run new Task button.
  3. Type “PowerShell” in the Run new Task box and then hit the Enter key or click on the OK button. 
  4. From the PowerShell window, type SFC/scannow and then press the Enter key to run this command.
  5. Once the scan is completed, reboot your computer. 

Solution 8 – Run Application Identity Service

If the application service is not running properly, then you can get this problem on the system. The Application Identity Service on Windows 10 utilizes a service which is called Applocker to determine which programs are and are not recognized to run on the system. To run this service follow the steps given hereunder:

  1. Press the Windows button + R key together to launch the Run dialog box, type “Services.msc” and then hit the Enter key or select the Ok button.
  2. From the Services window, find the Application Identity Service, right-click on it and then select the Start button to start the service.
  3. After that, reboot the device. 

Solution 9 – Perform the DISM Tool  

By performing the DISM tool you will be able to solve the Windows 10 Start menu not working issue. Go through the steps:

  1. Type Command Prompt in the Search Box, right click on it and then choose the Run as administrator button.
  2. From the Command Prompt window, type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth command to run this and then hit the Enter button. 
  3. It will take a few seconds to finish this process. Once it gets completed, restart the machine and then, check if the issue shows up or not. 

We hope these solutions are useful enough to get rid of the Windows 10 Start menu not working issue. By using these solutions with the steps, you will resolve this issue immediately by own. Read this article and perform these steps one-by-one on your PC to fix this problem. It is recommended, do not skip any step. In case, if you find any kind of issues while performing it then you can leave a comment in the comment section below.